Sour Dubb


Available at ArborSide in Ann Arbor.

It’s that time of year again. Cupid has loaded up his bow and arrow and love fills the air, but love kinda smells like dank around here. A cloud packing a bold sour skunk aroma linger, the remnants of Sour Dubb. Whether or not love strikes you in a Hallmark manner this month; even if you end up buying yourself a box of chocolates and re-filling it with weed as you conquer each creamy, gooey-fruit-filled bite-sized morsel while binge watching every season you’ve missed on Netflix; Sour Dubb is a good stimulating medication to have around to keep you and your spirits lifted. This is a clone only, sativa-dominant strain with proprietary genetics. Ooh la, la. Skip the roses, this special little flower is surely all you need! Vibrant light green leaves form a fluffy structure with a denser core while the earthy orange hairs peek out just enough to flirt. Such a tease!

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