Sophistication and Science Dank Tank's resident chemist ensures product that stands out in quality

Dank TankOne of the best-loved legal products on the market is the coveted vape pen. Cannabis vape pens offer instant relief for patients and recreational consumers alike. They also provide one of the quickest and easiest ways to consume for those on-the-go. Dank Tank is one of the leading companies on the California vape pen market, and the company continues to set itself apart with attention to quality and a product that delivers.

Dank Tank’s attention to quality is in part thanks to Resident Chemist and Executive Officer Keyan Shokraie, who was kind enough to sit down and share his expertise with CULTURE. “Our process is one of the most sophisticated that exists on the market,” Shokraie said. “It takes into consideration a number of hard-to-predict potential issues with extracts we receive, including fat or wax content, impurities native and non-native to the plant, and time spent in storage. We use a distillation process at the end to clean up the extracts produced or sourced from other businesses.”

“Our process is one of the most sophisticated that exists on the market.”

Rather than using a cutting agent to dilute its product, Dank Tank uses premium cannabis extracts in order to offer up the finest terpenes and flavors for its customers. In addition to flavor and quality, the company is also committed to safety and creating the best and purest product possible. The company strives to serve its customers by keeping prices low, while simultaneously keeping its products high-end and desirable.

“We have a number of experts joining the Dank Tank family who will assist us on our mission to make the safest cannabis products we can make,” Shokraie added. “We are really excited about some of the new product lines that will emerge once the regulatory bodies have made clean trim and growing practices the norm. What thrills me most, however, is being able to provide best-in-class service at a great price for our supporters.” Shokraie takes great pride in delivering a great value to his brand’s loyal customers.

Dank Tank takes its commitment to learning about every aspect of the cannabis products they create very seriously. Team members recognize that not only do they need to keep things safe and up to standard, they also need to create quality products that consumers will enjoy.

Dank Tank“Safety standards and product manufacturing represents the most complex issues facing cannabis entities today,” Shokraie explained. “At Dank Tank, we are forced to consider worst case scenarios on many elements, including, but not limited to trim quality, cleanliness, grow environment, potency, presence of pesticides, residual solvents, manufacturing speed, labor cost, time cost, test results and testing costs. We have to train ourselves constantly, especially as more sectors intersect cannabis, so that our knowledge remains relevant to the conversations we are having today and the conversations we want to attract in the future. Cannabis will be a staple American crop and product for many years, but the businesses that last are the ones preparing themselves for the long term right now.”

In addition to the success the company has already achieved, Dank Tank is looking forward to expanding into a whole new recreational market, once legalization becomes official in 2018. Until now, Dank Tank has been serving medical clients only, and are looking forward to expansion and growth.

“We love the people here in California and want to keep waging peace across our beautiful state,” explained Shokraie. “Our company has already changed extensively over this last year. We’ve implemented a number of substantial upgrades to our capacity to process, implemented hygiene protocols, upgraded our clean room environment and experienced major product breakthroughs.

“2018 represents a commitment to scale all of those processes so that Dank Tank can provide a peerless cannabis product family at the best prices,” he continued. “Our team has invested countless hours, long weekends and all our energies into making ourselves worthy of the support network we have developed over these seven years. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the love and support, we see you, we hear you and want to hear more from you out there!”

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