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Soothing Sue’s Bliss: Flavored Massage Oil




Available at The Cookie Co. 831 and at GHC in Upland.
Elevate Valentine’s Day this year with Soothing Sue’s Bliss—the original edible topical. Naturally flavored to taste like blueberry lemonade, or tropical tease, this stuff is amazing—it’s organic, virgin coconut oil and a variety of delicious flavors. Rub it on and lick it off—you and your partner’s imaginations are the only limit. Soothing Sue’s Bliss is lab-tested by Steep Hill to a consistent 15 milligrams therapeutic THC-A per teaspoon. It can work as massage oil, and has been found effective pain relieving rub, sex lube, and then as an ingredient in some killer pancakes the morning after. The “Original Edible Topical” this massage oil is a healthy, vegan butter replacement and can be ingested for internal pain relief. Topical cannabinoids are rubbed into the skin to fight muscle pain and inflammation, relieve headaches and cramping, and ease skin disorders. When used as a lubricant Soothing Sue’s multi-purpose topical can potentially extend the duration of erections and intensify female orgasms. (Topicals start to work in about 20 minutes.)