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Son of Notorious B.I.G. Launches Cannabis Brand in Name of Father



[dropcap class=”kp-dropcap”]T[/dropcap]he son of Notorious B.I.G., C.J. Wallace, is launching a cannabis brand in the name of his father, along with his stepfather Todd Russaw and entrepreneur Willie Mack. Think BIG products—slated to hit shelves in April—will include limited-edition top-shelf flower, pre-rolls, vapes, gummies, apparel and an assortment of accessories. The first line, The Frank White Creative Blend, will roll out in April.

Christopher Wallace was better known as the Notorious B.I.G. or Biggie Smalls, and became a icon in music after his life was tragically cut short at the age of 24. His murderer has never been caught, but his influence lives on. The Source, for instance, named Wallace as the “Greatest Rapper of All Time,” in its 150th issue.

“Think BIG is a culmination of CJ, Todd, and my personal and professional dreams for the future,” Mack told Forbes. “We are taking our time to build Think BIG not just as a brand, but as a legacy.”

The line of cannabis products will include the brand’s first generation launch called Frank White, yet another one of the Notorious B.I.G.’s aliases. Beyond cannabis, the brand will also include pens, pencils, journals, sketch pads, and content

“In terms of legacy, I’ve always been curious about who Christopher George Latore Wallace really was,” Wallace confided in an interview with Forbes. “My second dad, Todd, has always instilled in me to make sure that I carry on the legacy in my own unique way, and that—because my name holds weight—I can’t do anything half-assed. I have to do my best.”

Other living prominent rappers, such as Snoop Dogg or The Game, have launched cannabis brands bearing their name. Think BIG products will be available on the company’s website, pop-up stores and at certain retail locations. The company also plans on projects such as cannabis-related criminal justice reform and charity efforts.



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