Smokin Gun Apothecary – Colorado Dispensary Highlight

Dispensary Name: Smokin Gun Apothecary

Address: 492 S. Colorado Blvd., Glendale


Top-Selling Strain: Doctor Shakalu, Sour Maui

Top-Selling Concentrate: Concentrated Love Shatter

Top-Selling Edible: AmeriCanna Sweet & Sour Gummies

What’s the story behind the name of your dispensary?

The Smokin Gun Apothecary promotes the end of prohibition worldwide. We want to inspire consumers in the hopes they will develop a voice, speak out against oppressive drug laws, put a stop to prohibition entirely and push to regain our country’s liberty.

What does your dispensary offer customers that they can’t find anywhere else?

Our culture, design, aesthetic and a comfortable shopping experience. Anyone who visits the Smokin Gun will immediately notice that we are truly a one-of-a-kind dispensary. We are the only dispensary that is also a “Drug War” museum. Customers can walk through the speakeasy-styled hidden doorway, back in time to 1870, five years before the first drug laws were passed and the dawn of prohibition began. Customers can pick out their pre-rolled joints inside “The Joint.” The mural behind the counter is a tribute to the major players involved in the “War on Drugs.”

How has the cannabis industry changed since you have been in the business? Where would you like to see it go?

Consumers are becoming more educated and outspoken. The industry isn’t as taboo anymore. There is still a stigma, but is now more culturally accepted. The cannabis industry is heavily regulated, and it seems to be getting worse. It would be nice if the federal government would take a step back and let industry flourish to its maximum potential.

What are the biggest challenges you face in this industry as a dispensary? . . .  Biggest joys?

There is so much competition in the Colorado market. It’s not hard to get lost in this sea of dispensaries. We strive to stay ahead of the curve by using an ever-evolving comprehensive marketing mix. Uncertainty and heavy restrictions make it hard to predict what’s heading our way next. It’s an incredible feeling to pioneer this new cannabis frontier. The opportunities are endless, and we are lucky to be a part of something so revolutionary.

What is the one thing you want patients to know about your dispensary?

We are about more than just selling cannabis; we truly believe in “lighting the way to liberty.”

If someone wanted to open a dispensary and get their feet wet in the industry, what advice or counsel would you give them?

It’s a privilege to sell cannabis, but remember it’s still a business. With that comes margins, bottom lines and cost of goods—all this has to be taken into consideration.

What is the most important thing you hope to accomplish while in the cannabis community?

Continuing to educate consumers on the on the “War on Drugs” and how it continues to impact their lives.

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