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Smelling Sweet with Cannabis Perfume and Cologne




The miraculous benefits of having access to all of our senses is often taken for granted, especially when it comes to scent. Countless centuries ago when humanity was still evolving and adapting to life on Earth, a strong sense of smell was essential. As humans, we this sense to entice our appetites or to determine pheromonal compatibility. Now in modern day 2018, scent is just as important as ever—especially when it comes to smelling desirable. Luckily, there are a few companies that know how desirable the smell of cannabis can be for consumers. As a result, they create a perfume and cologne inspired by (and infused with) cannabis terpenes.

Later this month during the 2018 Cannabis Business Summit in San Jose, California, Purple Line Media is launching what it claims is the world’s first cannabis terpene cologne. Called Fog & Tree, this product is infused with a unique terpene profile. “The terpenes used in Fog & Tree are all harvested from Humboldt Seed Company’s proprietary strains,” said Co-founder Liz Kost. “Not only are we blending our fragrance with terpenes from award-winning genetics, we are also reaping the benefits of Humboldt’s unique terroir.” According to the company’s press release, the cologne offers a subtle mixture of “Musky and herbaceous base notes of cedar and sandalwood.” Although Fog & Tree will debut later this month, it won’t be available for purchase until November (but will be available for preorder up until that time).

Equally pleasing in the realm of perfume are products like Wilde Vertigga’s Wilde Kush. The scent is based on that of the classic indica strain, Afghan Kush. According to a press release, the perfume based on this famous strain is earthy, and contains scents similar to sandalwood, pine and lemon. Wilde Vertigga utilizes research conducted by Eybna, which specializes in isolating medical properties in cannabis. “Our unique research on the medicinal effects of cannabis, in collaboration with  several Israeli academic institutes, has interestingly leveraged us to solve challenges and produce aromas never smelt before,” states Eybna Co-founder and CEO Nadav Eyal. “Terpenes, along with other specialty aromatic ingredients  which have been our main research subject over the past four years, are the secret behind some of the medical values of cannabis treatment and also its very complex aromatic signature. Over 500 terpenes and other fragrance molecules come together in the Wilde Kush fragrance.”

While cannabis perfumes (mostly advertised toward female customers) has been on the market for a while, it’s clear that both cologne and perfumes may very well be the next big cannabis gift.