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Slazerbeam by Colorado Seed Inc.




Slazerbeam is one strain that is sure to light up a room. Bred by Colorado Seed Inc., these buds were extremely dense, plentiful with orange hairs and had visible trichomes. CULTURE’s reviewer tested the waters and took the sativa-dominant Slazerbeam for a spin. Each hit tasted of sweet citrus with a touch of earth. The strain brought on a newfound motivation during a 60-minute yoga class, but didn’t bring on any bodily heaviness. It did, however, bring on a wave of sleepiness toward the end. The Kush aspects came through physically by providing full body heaviness, but the Haze in the lineage was uplifting and strengthened mental resolve. This would be a perfect mid-day pick-me-up, rather than a wake-and-bake strain, but either way, the effects were enjoyable. The parent strains of Super Lemon Haze and Gupta Kush collided for an amazing effect—Slazerbeam is one item to add to your shopping list.

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