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Skywalker OG




It’s clear that the force is especially strong with the Skywalker OG indica cartridge from Pure One. Offered in classy packaging that one could mistake for a product from the Apple store, reviewers knew they were in for a treat. Tested by SC Labs, this product rings in with a whopping 86.28 percent THC, which could prove to be enough power to defeat the Galactic Empire. Regardless of your affinity for Star Wars, this product from Pure One is sure to be your go-to cartridge for any 710 celebration. Rest assured you’re getting nothing short of what the name promises, as it’s free from all solvents and pesticides. Reviewers found this indica offering to be extremely smooth on the draw, with subtle notes of lemongrass and a floral lavender aftertaste. Skywalker OG was enjoyed in moderation throughout the day, but reviewers really let it rip for some after work relaxation. If you’re looking to bring peace to the galaxy, then get your hands on Skywalker OG from Pure One before it’s too late.

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