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Battle Ground, Clark County

(360) 723-0230, @skordmarijuana

How would you describe your company? What is your specialty?

SKöRD is a craft cannabis cultivator in pursuit of finding the full potential of cannabis. We love finding new flavors of marijuana and showcasing the amazing diversity of the cannabis plant. Our flowers happen to produce some pretty tasty concentrates as well!

What do you offer consumers/clients that others don’t?

We think SKöRD offers a different approach to cannabis cultivation that stems from our love of good weed. Really good weed is in the details, and we do our best to focus on the small things we believe make a big difference. We use a foundation of core principles to make sure the bar is continually raised for ourselves, challenging us to bring something unique to the community.

How and why did your company start up?

As cannabis enthusiasts, legalization in Washington felt like the opportunity of a lifetime. None of us came from a “cannabis professional” background but we knew what details we cared about to produce great weed. I grew for the love of pheno hunting and science of controlled grow environments. It’s all about bringing out the best in each strain you grow. I wanted to share my passion and hoped the SKöRD brand of cannabis would connect with the community.

With the changing landscape of the cannabis industry, what do you see as the biggest challenges to your progress as a company? Any advantages?

Federal prohibition feels like the largest obstacle. While federal legalization would bring a new set of challenges, currently it really limits growth and expansion. Duplicating SKöRD in other markets and getting access to normal financial services would be a great benefit.

What words of advice would you offer anyone seeking to enter the world of cannabis business?

If you are truly passionate about the cannabis industry for the right reasons, just keep your passion alive, your head down and do your thing. We are only at the beginning of this journey, and there is so much opportunity.

What are the goals and vision moving forward for your company? Where do you see your company in five years?

Our short-term goal is to build greenhouses and expand our Washington canopy, but the long-term goal is to definitely share the SKöRD brand of cannabis with other states as legalization continues across the country.

What do you hope to accomplish in the cannabis industry?

We see cannabis like any other craft industry. There is no right way to produce cannabis, and small details can significantly influence the outcome. The uses and genetic diversity of cannabis lends itself to an industry that is made up of many different perspectives. We hope SKöRD shows that marijuana isn’t just a commodity based on test numbers; great weed should be a unique experience that engages all of your senses.

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