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Six Ways to Infuse Your Coffee Routine with Cannabis



Coffee RoutineThere are a lot of similarities between cannabis and coffee. Both are known for their aromas, tastes and body effects. Cannabis and coffee can even be paired together to reach desired effects. However, if you want to consume coffee that is infused with cannabis, there are plenty of options.

Cannabis Butter

Although it may not be popular among your group of friends, butter has been notoriously popular as a way to add a creaminess and sweetness to a cup of joe. Now you can add cannabis butter to your coffee, to give it an extra kick of goodness. Whether you choose to buy butter that is already medicated or choose to make your own, get ready to wake up and smell the ganja.

Cannabis Chocolate

Cannabis and chocolate are a poetic pairing. Add that to coffee, and you’ve really outdone yourself. With so many companies specializing in cannabis-infused chocolates of all types and flavors, you have plenty of options for adding some sweet canna-chocolate to your daily coffee routine.

Cannabis Milk

If you want to stick to a more traditional route for infusing your coffee with cannabis, then you can get creative and turn your favorite milk or coffee creamer into a cannabis-infused version. Simply take the milk or coffee, and infuse it with cannabis similar to how you would with butter. And voila, your cannabis coffee is traditionally untraditional.

Cannabis Sugar

With so many sugar alternatives out there to choose from, we like to stick with the real thing, plus add cannabis. One company in particular that produces high-quality product is Ruby Cannabis Sugar. This organic and discreet edible can add cannabis to just about anything, and coffee is a great option.

Cannabis Coffee

For anyone who wants arguably the most convenient way to consume cannabis coffee, there are companies who produce ready-to-brew coffee that has already been infused with cannabis. Cannabis coffee has been sold by the pod at places like Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in Seattle.

House of Jane specializes in all types of cannabis-infused beverages, and we personally enjoyed the stimulating properties of Jane’s Brew Gourmet Coffee Medium Roast. Other cannabis coffees we’ve enjoyed have been The Coffee by Canyon Cultivation and Pot-O-Coffee, which are coffee pods with THC concentrations of 10mg, 50mg or 100mg.

Cannabis Edible

Are you a little skeptical about turning your coffee into cannabis? Don’t fret. You can choose to keep your coffee cannabis-free while instead snacking on a snack that pairs well with your coffee. While the options are limitless, we think a little Edible Cannabis Canna Coffee Cake or a Kieffy Coffee Cake would make for a perfect pairing.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to indulge in cannabis-infused coffee, just be sure to consume responsibly.

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