SILLY CITATIONS Seattle officer found issuing over 80 percent of cannabis citations in 2014

It turns out that most people who were caught publicly smoking cannabis in Seattle during the early part of 2014 had encountered the same policeman and were given a citation.

According to a statement written by Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole, one officer, who reportedly spoke of the state’s cannabis laws as “silly,” issued about 80 percent of the cannabis-related citations in 2014 alone. In the Seattle Police Department’s first biannual report regarding cannabis enforcement and offenses, the unnamed officer was discovered to have written 66 of the 83 citations. The officer was also reported to have written notes on said citations, directed towards City Attorney Peter Holmes, or “Petey,” and he apparently would often flip a coin to decide who to cite next.

Fortunately, the officer has been reported for his actions and an investigation will soon begin regarding the issue of his conduct and policing. Until then, the officer will not be allowed to patrol until the investigation is finished.

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