Sherbet Craft RESERVE by O.penVAPE Available wherever: O.penVAPE products are carried.

As the strain name suggests—the Sherbet O.penVAPE Craft RESERVE cartridge has a delightful fruity, yet natural taste. The subtle aroma and body profile of this artisan hand-selected strain is beautifully embodied in O.penVAPE’s Award-Winning Craft RESERVE cartridge. Tested by CW Analytical, our sample of O.penVAPE’s Craft RESERVE Sherbet cartridge boasted a complete cannabinoid profile and a potency of 86.96 percent. All terpenes are cannabis-derived from the same batch, ensuring a natural flavor profile and top-shelf experience for the cannasseur. The Sherbet’s supple, fruity bouquet was most pronounced on the exhale, and had a smooth, clean finish. As expected, Sherbet’s Indica characteristics quickly enveloped our senses and we felt like we were drifting down a lazy river. The O.penVAPE 2.0 variable voltage batteries come in seven colors, including Gold and Rose Gold! This draw-activated battery has the signature sleek and discreet O.penVAPE style, now with four vaping modes. Under new ownership, it’s clear that O.penVAPE is offering the California market better oil and harder hitting cartridges from the same company we have come to know and respect.

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