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Sherbert Gelato




Available at Cookie Co 415 in San Francisco.

San Francisco’s Mission District spot, The Cookie Co 415, stocks all the in-demand genetics, amongst them, a new cross of famed Sherbert and Gelato. This is extra-fruity Cookies, and it’s phenomenal. Girl Scout Cookies took the world by storm with their scrumptious mix of Durban, OG, and purps. Subsequent iterations have built on that legendary base, first with Pink Panties to create Sunset Sherbert, then crossed with Thin Mint Cookies to get Gelato. This new Sherbert Gelato looks legit: Dense, hyper-resinous nugs of indoor that were dank, loud, fire. Patients smoke these maximum THC, highly hybridized indicas for a wide variety of conditions, though they may be too strong for regular daytime use.

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