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420 is all about community and we all have at least one thing in common—a love for cannabis. Whether you have plans to head to a huge party, or just chill with a few friends at home, sharing your cannabis is sort of 420 101. This includes, but is not limited to, ways you can partake in cannabis at the same time as someone else, bringing the right tools to the party and being an overall kind individual; here are just a few ways you can share the love with your best friends this 420.

Raw Supernatural 12-inch Rolling Papers

Want to share a joint with a friends? Try making your own huge DIY joint with these gigantic, 12-inch rolling papers. An average-sized joint will disappear quickly, but a joint of this magnitude will last a long time, giving everyone at your 420 party a chance to smoke multiple times.

Double Barrel Wooden Cigarette Holder

Or better yet, partake in a ritualistic sharing of joints at the same moment as your buddy. Using two joints, you can both partake in a 420 smoke session, rather than waiting for someone to finish up their joint hit.

Headdies 3D Printed DabVac

Not only are 3D printed items inexpensive, but they’re also lightweight and very safe for traveling (versus transporting a delicate glass bong). If you’re heading to a friend’s house, perhaps someone who doesn’t have as many tools or gear as you, then this is the perfect item to bring along.

Dual Mouthpiece Bongs

Massive rigs like these sport a unique designs to allow two consumers to share the same cannabis.

Dual Hose Hookah

If you want to get fancy in your smoke session, then an old-fashioned hookah setup might be the right approach. While most of these personal hookah rigs are made with one hose, some are created with two. Share your favorite strain with a buddy in the comfort of your own home!

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