SFV OG Indica Rosin by Punch Extracts Available wherever: Punch Extracts products are carried.

How can you go wrong with an SFV OG? Taking this famed flower and pressing it into a half-gram of premium indoor Rosin—the folks over at Punch Extracts knew they were creating a real winner with this fine Rosin. Beyond the attractive and functional packaging, this strain looked similar to peanut butter, with a slightly green tinge. Bearing a heavy aroma and a diesel, well-balanced yet earthy smell, we couldn’t wait to see if the taste would match. The taste followed through with a similar profile that was rustic and smoky and would have paired well with a fine whisky. After just one dab, we quickly felt a very well-balanced and happy effect creep over us. Although we felt the need to curl up in our pajamas and get comfortable on the couch, we also felt the need to keep our uplifted minds focused on a creative task like writing in our journal.

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