Seth Rogen Unveils Cannabis Carnival to Support Alzheimer’s

On Aug. 26, Seth Rogen announced the Hilarity for Charity County Fair, a cannabis-themed carnival for adults, with proceeds going toward Alzheimer’s research. As ringmaster, Rogen will combine his expertise in philanthropy and his undisputed mastery of cannabis consumption.

Rogen founded Hilarity for Charity in 2012, after his mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 55. After witnessing the effects of Alzheimer’s firsthand, Rogen decided it was time to raise money to help those who are in need. Marijuana Moment reports that in 2014, Rogen took it far enough to testify at a Senate committee hearing on Alzheimer’s research. “First I should answer the question I assume many of you are asking, yes I’m aware this has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana,” he said. “In fact, if you can believe it, this concerns something that I find even more important.”

Those convictions led Rogen to conceive the concept of a carnival to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. “We here at Hilarity for Charity love to fight Alzheimer’s disease, but we also love rides, alcohol and weed! We also love trying to be good people so that in the event there is an afterlife, we don’t go to hell,” Rogen said. Rogen stars in a quirky promotional video about the event that describes the games and activities that will be available to carnival-goers.

Rogen will be joined by an impressive lineup of comedians and actors including Adam Devine, Andrew Rannells, Ben Feldman, Casey Wilson, Ilana Glazer, Ike Barinholtz, Jeff Ross, Josh Gad, Kate Micucci, Nick Kroll, Regina Hall and Riki Lindhome. “Come play your favorite carnival games run by comedians,” the website states. In addition, Tony Hawk will perform tricks for a halfpipe show and Grammy Award-winning artist Anderson .Paak will provide live music.

Earlier this year, Rogen partnered with Evan Goldberg to launch Houseplant, Rogen’s own line of cannabis and other products. The company offers indica, sativa and hybrid varieties, as well as softgels and pre-rolls. In June, Rogen announced that Houseplant would be expanding into Canada. It’s unclear whether consumption of cannabis will be allowed at the event.

The carnival is scheduled for Sept. 14 in downtown Los Angeles, California, and will feature an open bar, food trucks and various VIP experiences. Tickets can be purchased here.



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