Secret Squirrel by Lost Lake Gardens Available at: Bud Commander in Tumwater.

It’s always a delight to try new things, and no one on the CULTURE team had ever had the pleasure of trying Secret Squirrel before. But while it was the first time, we hope it’s not the last. The flower was perfectly dried and cured, with that nice slightly crunchy yet still moist texture, which makes it easy to sample. The sugar leaves were a deep, dark green color that would look at home in the PNW forests. If you were looking to stash some flower away, squirrel style, this would be a good one. A complex and unique, almost unnamable fragrance emanated from the bag, with strong sweet fruity notes followed by a more subtle earthy scent. The flavor followed suit, with the earthy notes being a bit more pronounced and an additional, very mild spicy flavor also popping out where you least expected it. The effect was mellow, steady and happy. Perfect for use at home, or socially, it’s potent, but not so much so that it leaves you speechless.

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