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Sean Parker Pours $1 Million into Cannabis Effort





Sean Parker has remained relatively silent about his intention to fully support the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. One thing is certain though—Sean Parker is all about sociopolitical change. His impressive resume includes being credited with ending the album era of music, becoming a billionaire philanthropist and donating millions of dollars toward the legalization of cannabis.

Parker, formerly of Napster and Facebook, is now the single largest contributor to a cannabis initiative in California. He has fueled the Adult Use of Marijuana Act with $1 million, giving the organization a total of $2.25 million.

The controversial measure would legalize personal amounts of cannabis for adults 21-and-over. It would also allow them to possess an ounce of cannabis, and up to six plants in a secure location at home.

The initiative utilizes California’s new regulation system, which is already in place. “The Adult Use of Marijuana Act will empower California voters to end marijuana prohibition in 2016 and replace it with a more sensible system,” said a representative of the Marijuana Policy Project. Parker also came through during the Proposition 19 campaign, donating $100,000 in 2010.

Others have made considerable donations as well. WeedMaps and the Drug Policy Alliance both donated $500,000, and Progressive’s Peter Lewis donated $250,000.

Parker is a prominent philanthropist; he’s donated $10 million to radical autoimmune research. He suffers from an autoimmune disorder himself, and has proven that he is willing to spend for the right cause.

California is arguably the hardest state to pass a cannabis initiative due to its enormous size. Tensions are high with so much potential money on the line. The “Parker Initiative” would create a new Bureau of Marijuana Control, and tighten up California’s current medical cannabis system.

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