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Scotland Opens Specialized Medical Cannabis Dispensary




Scotland is making history with the announcement of the country’s first medical cannabis dispensary, the Sapphire Medical Clinic, that is set to open soon.

According to BBC, the clinic will be based in Aberdeen (on Scotland’s eastern coast) and will offer medical cannabis products for a variety of conditions, as long as general practitioners prescribe it to their patients. The clinic already has another location in Harley Street, London, and is one of the first clinics of its kind to offer services like that.

“We are proud to be opening the first clinic in Scotland and have already seen first-hand how medical cannabis is transforming lives. That’s why we are delighted to be opening our doors to patients in Aberdeen,” said Managing Director of Sapphire Medical Clinic?s and Academic Lead Dr. Mikael Sodergren. “It means patients in Scotland will now have access to world-class experts in managing their condition, who also have expertise in medical cannabis. Medical cannabis is an exciting and rapidly developing field of medicine that could transform the lives of patients living with certain conditions. But prescription numbers have been low, held down by patients ?who are often in significant pain or with physical disabilities, being unable to travel the long distances to clinics.

Patient Lorna Bland, who has been prescribed medical cannabis in Scotland for fibromyalgia, spoke to Health Europa about how cannabis has helped her. “I used to be able to only walk 1,000 steps a day at a push and life was very limited,” she said. “Since securing my access to medical cannabis I can now do between 6,000 to 8,000 steps daily, walk my dog, do housework and socialize with friends. I’m realistic; it’s not a cure, but is effective enough to allow me to start living a more fulfilling life than I have for over 12 years.”

Cannabis is still not readily available across Europe, and black market sales continue to rise. However, many countries are beginning to embrace CBD to help ailing patients receive a better quality of life.