Savage Extracts White Tahoe OG Live Resin Budder Available at: Healing Heart Collective in Escondido.

Available via Healing Heart Collective, which serves all of north San Diego County, Savage Extracts White Tahoe OG Live Resin Budder is a beautiful platinum blonde-colored concentrate that is easy to work with. Its terpene profile is extremely strong, smelling of lemon cleaner with some natural sugary sweetness mixed in, making for an invigorating and refreshing aroma. This budder is very clean hitting, with notes of citrus and pine, the most dominant flavor being lemon-lime, with a hint of spiciness. The hit is enjoyable, and not at all harsh on the lungs. This heavy indica is cerebrally euphoric and almost immediately physically sedative, making it the perfect concentrate for nighttime use. You can expect pain relief, appetite stimulation, full-body relaxation and deep sleep after a dab or two.

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