Saturn OG

Available at Delta-9 T.H.C. in Wilmington.

Saturn is the most spectacular planet in our solar systems and of all the planetary named strains, Saturn OG is considered to rank right up there with the planet. The buds available at the Delta 9-T.H.C. collective in Wilmington, are superb examples of this potent strain. The nugs are dank spongy and sticky—just as expected from any quality OG. Tight solid nugs are abundantly covered with amazing clusters of thin crystal trichome pillars. Pleasant, spicy pine odor blends well with a distinctly sharp and juicy fruit taste. This is most definitely a relaxing strain easing the stresses of the day. It can be mentally trippy at first but settles into a calm, reflective state. Saturn OG is good enough to accompany you while you are doing your own thing, whatever that thing might be.

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