Satori Chocolates – Bay Area Company Highlight

Satori Chocolates, CannaCraft, Inc.

2330 Circadian Wy., Santa Rosa

How would you describe your company? What is your specialty?

Satori Chocolates combines culinary and cannabis. We use sun-grown cannabis from our farms in Northern California to infuse chocolate bars and bites. We specialize in user-friendly, precisely dosed, scored chocolate bars and bites in a variety of flavors. Our products are a great way to start medicating with edibles or trying your hand at micro-dosing while determining your personal dosage. Our products are discreet and delicious!

What do you offer consumers/clients that others don’t?
We offer user-friendly, precisely dosed, scored chocolate bars and bites with the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world. From our cannabis oil that is extracted in Northern California using a proprietary CO2 process, to the finest chocolate from TCHO chocolate in San Francisco, to coffee beans from Columbia, to strawberries from the Italian Alps, we’ve scoured the world to find the best ingredients for our customers.

How and why did your company start up?

Ultimately, we wanted to give our customers options. When we looked at the edibles market we saw a huge need for precise and micro-dosed edibles, and a need for quality ingredients and premium flavors. That is why we have six different centers for our chocolate bites (caramel almond, strawberry, blueberry, coffee beans, cacao beans and raisins). We want this line to be appealing to all palates and cannabis tolerances.

With the changing landscape of medical and recreational cannabis, what do you see as the biggest challenges to your progress as a company? Any advantages?

The biggest challenge at the moment is changing compliance regulations. The required packaging and labeling requirements are in a state of flux as the industry takes shapes, and it’s hard to update packaging after we buy a large shipment of it in order to adhere to individual county and city regulations.

What are the goals and vision moving forward, for your company? Where do you see your company in five years?

Our greatest goal is to create products inspired by the world-class culinary region in our backyard in Sonoma County. Edibles are becoming more sophisticated and are attracting a foodie following, and we want to make exciting and enticing chocolates that are infused with the premium ingredients available to us throughout California.

What words of advice would you offer anyone seeking to enter the world of cannabis business?

Make sure that you’re aligning yourself with the right businesses that are adhering strictly to county and state regulations and are responsibly growing and manufacturing in California. It’s important to support the marijuana companies that are leading the forefront of the industry with transparency and sustainability as marijuana shifts from medical to recreational. In many ways, working in this industry is the same as working in any industry. We’re a business creating a product for consumers, and we’re striving to create the best products we can.

What do you hope to accomplish in the cannabis industry?
We want to keep evolving the industry. The industry has come a long way in the last year, and we want to continue to set an example by clearly labeling our products, making it easy to dose, and providing our customers with a delicious experience.

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