San Fernando Valley OG Kush

Available at The Barn in Burton.

Now this is something for the cannasseurs. Lemon seems to overwhelm this strain, but the piney after-notes keep it grounded. At 70/30 indica-dominant and 19.85 percent THC, it’s got a healthy dose of trichomes and an earthy smell when first uncapped. If you appreciate fresh, sticky buds that leave your fingers smelling like you just squeezed some fresh lemonade, then this flower is where it’s at. Grind it and pack it, and it falls right into place when you roll it up, like it understands its destiny. When they crossed San Fernando Valley OG with an Afghani father, they gave us something that would always impress a guest, but get ready to relax. It’s an impressive smoke taste-wise, head-wise and body-wise. This one truly hits the trifecta.

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