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San Fernando Valley OG





Available at 360 Inc Collective in Studio City.

San Fernando Valley OG has a much deserved reputation for providing significant pain relief and psychic stimulation. A most formable example of this strain is found at the 360 Inc Collective in Studio City. The light green irregularly shaped nug is covered in trichomes so dense it looks like the sparkling silica found in beach sand. Upon opening the brilliant silver easy-to-reseal package, your nostrils are assaulted by a minty ocean smell—so fresh and invigorating that you would think the OG means ocean grown rather than OG kush. It doesn’t take long after you take your first hit to fully agree that the 21 percent THC lab test results that are prominently displayed on every package are not an exaggeration. Very quick hitting to the point of euphoria that eventually levels out to a mellow and tranquil vibe.

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