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San Fernando Valley OG




Available at Firehouse Collective in San Jose.

Scheduled for a grand re-opening Monday January 25, the Firehouse Collective in San Jose has a grand cut of San Fernando Valley OG Kush—a foundational strain of any cannasseur’s collection. SFV OG Kush is one of the original sub-types of OG Kush, which is among the biggest strains on the planet for the better part of 20 years. Made of Chemdawg, Old World Kush and suspected Lemon Thai—OG kush traveled south from the Lake Tahoe area growing region down to that Southern California cultivation bastion of San Fernando Valley. Subsequent generations of OG Kush were selectively bred for even more pungent, astringent, lemon-fuel aroma and flavor. Firehouse SFV OG exemplary shape, dryness, manicure, resin and taste. Patients turn to indica hybrid flowers for afternoon and evening stress and pain relief and appetite.