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Safety First




Photo courtesy Mammoth Labs

Longtime members of the cannabis community are not known to shy away from celebrations. After all, having an excuse to celebrate is one of the reasons why we’ve embraced our own cannabis-loving holidays. So when it comes to getting down this July 10 for the annual oil holiday of “710”, it’s important to proceed with caution before you, or your friends and family, get too carried away. Although it was Marvel’s OG Spider-Man comics that made the quote “With great power there must also come—great responsibility” famous, it can wholeheartedly be attributed to many facets of life—but none more so than playing it safe when consuming concentrates. Make sure you celebrate 710 with a little caution and safety in mind. From securing safe concentrates, to consuming safely, CULTURE hopes you have a safe and lively July 10 with these tips.


Safe Concentrates

Step one to having a successful 710 is getting your hands on some top-quality concentrates. When CULTURE looks for quality, we’re examining not only a product’s potency, but we’re also ensuring that our concentrates are free from unwanted contaminants and solvents. Securing lab-tested concentrates that are free from harmful impurities from a licensed collective or dispensary is the only way to be sure the products you’re dabbing and vaping are safe for the celebration.

Photo courtesy Mammoth Labs


Consuming Safely

Don’t Be a Tool

Consuming concentrates requires a more intricate process depending on the tools that you use—and your experience is only satisfying when you have the best tools at your disposal. But 710 isn’t the best time to try out concentrates for the first time unless you familiarize yourself with them ahead of time. When it comes to doing dabs in particular, tools like blow torches and e-nails can give you a pretty serious burn if you’re not careful. That being said, handle your tools with precision and care. It will both guarantee a longer lasting product, and keep you safe from harm.


Avoid Driving by Planning Ahead

This tip is obvious, but necessary to repeat—don’t consume and drive. Instead, a little planning ahead will go a long way. Find someone who is willing to be your group’s designated driver. If all your friends want to partake in the festivities, and staying in isn’t an option, then plan to use a ride share app or old school taxi service to get where you need to go. If it’s the munchies that are driving you out the door, try opting in for food delivery through a local restaurant or one of the many handy delivery apps that are on the market.


Say “No” to Overconsumption

Like with all holidays, sometimes the trend many fall into is to over-consume. Avoid this altogether by taking things slow and steady on this concentrate holiday. In the case that you do overconsume, here are some tips that may help you overcome. This does not in any way constitute medical advice, and as always, seek proper professional help if needed.


Tips to Overcome Over-Consumption

  • Eliminate and avoid any situations that may trigger stress or paranoia.
  • Drink some water, reduce the effect with peppercorns or eat a sugary snack.
  • Consume CBD.
  • Distract yourself with a game or movie.
  • Take a nap.