Rudeboi by Secret Gardens of Washington Available at: Various Local Roots locations in Washington.

You know what they say about things that come in small packages—don’t underestimate them. Rudeboi from Secret Gardens is no exception to this rule. Your perception of this product begins with the unassuming but elegant little jar that packs a big punch. Upon opening, the signature Rudeboi scent was immediately detectable in this flower. Upon closer inspection, the sativa-dominant hybrid’s buds were also noticeably dense and crystalline. Rudeboi’s flavor lined up with the fragrance, and the terpene profile tasted quite intense, but pleasant, with hints of skunk and forest. The CULTURE team sampled this flower using a water pipe, and the effects were delightful—a happy heady effect left reviewers laughing and wanting more. It’s the perfect companion for a walk on the beach, catching a theatrical show or going on a kayaking trip. You can basically perform any activity with this product, but keep in mind that it does require bountiful energy to fully enjoy.

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