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Ru Johnson

Name: Ru Johnson

Occupation: Writer and Owner at Roux Black
Consulting.When and how did you become an
advocate for cannabisAt first,
I had to determine the ways to be a true advocate for the can



Name: Ru Johnson

Occupation: Writer and Owner at Roux Black

When and how did you become an
advocate for cannabis

At first,
I had to determine the ways to be a true advocate for the cannabis movement.
Sure, I’m a woman who smokes, who is a professional and an artist, but who am I
as an advocate? Over the past three years, my position has evolved into having
a more avid role in partnering with those who advocate for the recreational
movement. Because of my strengths, that looks like collaborating with entities
like Doctor’s Orders Dispensary to bridge the gap between arts and herb.

How has cannabis benefited your

has benefited my life by offering balance, enhancing physical vibrations and by
opening camaraderie with people, places and things that believe in the
transformation of the mind. It’s offered me the space to work with other
advocates, form new partnerships and allowed me to live in Denver, one of the
most progressive cities in the country.

What’s your greatest achievement
for the cannabis cause?

I think showing
myself as someone who exists in spaces of artful development in this world
while being a cannabis advocate is an achievement in itself. As a true advocate
for the cause, it’s important to use one’s influence as a means for good,
whether that’s through arts and entertainment or legislation. Working in the
entertainment field alongside other cannabis-loving creatives has helped to
bring all sides of the table together.

Can you expand on that?

in the entertainment industry, it’s easy to pinpoint the things that bring
people together. It might not always be that everyone has the same perspective
but everyone wants to be entertained. Using entertainment to lead the cannabis
movement is like the “pill in the applesauce,” so to speak.

Who do you look up to or admire?

James is who I admire in the cannabis movement. She knows so much about the
laws but also the medical perspectives of cannabis. She uses her influence,
knowledge and charisma in ways I find so cool for the movement. She is amazing
to watch and learn from.

If you could change one thing
about the way cannabis is viewed and/or treated right now, what would it be?

still think you’ll end up with your brains fried in a pan like the egg during
the “Just Say No to Drugs” ads of the ‘80s. I’d like to see cannabis use
treated like many other holistic measures. And for it’s true properties to be
lauded by professionals who can speak of the good things cannabis does when
used with nuance.

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