Rick and Morty VR Game Releases on 420

VR GameVirtual reality (VR) gaming is finally approaching its peak. Long gone are the days of old, dysfunctional 1980s-style VR headsets and haptic gloves—now there is a whole new world of possibilities. VR games now span a variety of innovative experiences such as an intensely horrifying Resident Evil 7 (because who doesn’t want to come face-to-face with something terrifying jumping out at you?) or Star Trek Bridge Crew (for the Trekkies out there dying to simulate a career on the bridge of a starship). Next up on the list of unique approaches is a game that mixes modern adult humor with VR—in the form of a game centered on the animated sitcom, Rick and Morty.

Adult Swim knows its audience well, as the network announced late last week that it will be releasing a Rick and Morty-themed VR game, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, on Thursday, April 20. The television show revolves around a genius mad scientist and grandfather, Rick, and his grandson, Morty, in a loosely familiar Back to the Future-esque time traveling and science fiction setting. Rick easily comes up with inventions and portal guns to transport himself and his family into infinite multiverses.

In this new game, video game lovers and cannabis consumers alike will be able to explore the “Rick-taverse” with Rick and Morty, which is an ideal experience for those who want to celebrate “National Cannabis Day” with their favorite show. If you haven’t seen the show yet, then nothing in the game will be remotely familiar, but is still a worthwhile experience—especially if you’re imbibing with cannabis while doing it.

Working closely with Owlchemy Labs, the creators of Rick and Morty wanted this game to reflect the many story locations currently viewable within the first two seasons of the show. According to Adult Swim, players will have the freedom to “Experience and interact with Rick and Morty in 3D, probe, prod, throw and smash iconic items like the Plumbus, and teleport around rooms to find hidden objects.”

Virtual Rick-ality will only be available on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Although it goes without saying, be sure to play responsibly if you’re consuming cannabis while exploring the world of VR. Nobody wants to smack a family member after getting too carried away swinging around whatever a “plumbus” is.

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