Featuring the work of street artists ABCNT and CRYPTIK, as well as fine art pieces from Asad Faulwell and Oscar Magallanes, “Revolutionaries” at Petersen Projects gallery in Pomona reminds us of the “spiritual quest, social action and armed struggle” that generates any true revolutionary movement. It’s a fitting time for such examination, of course, with the Islamic nations exploding into turmoil and angst-driven uprisings and even our own northern states suffering under the weight of a government that apparently does not truly represent its people. Focusing on “the cult of personality and the tinge of religious fervor,” Los Angeles street artist CRYPTIK directs his rebellious gaze to Eastern religions, and Buddhism in particular, because there is no godhead—a challenging concept to most Westerners. ABCNT, also based in L.A., points his spray can at revolutionary personalities such as uber-liberal Amy Goodman, John McCain (whose portrait is titled Insane), Charles Manson and Noam Chomsky. Faulwell’s highly detailed and colorful works envision Iranian and other Middle Eastern leaders and historic battles, and Magallanes sees red, green and struggle in his exposé on immigration, NAFTA and homelessness. It’s a powerful, compelling show that should provoke some immediate and passionate conversation and, later, even more potent thoughts as we watch the international chaos surrounding us unfold. (Stacy Davies)



What: “Revolutionaries.”

When/Where: April 9-May 11, Pedersen Projects, 396 Thomas Ave., Pomona.

Info: www.pedersenprojects.com.

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