ReUp Sleepy Head Available wherever: ReUp products are carried.

When THC alone is not enough to get some extra zzz’s in, ReUp Sleepy Head has got you covered. Packed with 10mg CBD, 5mg THC and 3mg Melatonin, Sleepy Head is guaranteed to do the trick. (For those who might not know, melatonin is a naturally-occurring hormone that regulates sleep cycles enabling regular, quality sleep.) The contents inside the discreet two-ounce bottle were fast-acting and delivered results almost immediately. It tastes sweet and with a strong grape flavor and a hint of an herbal taste that tickles your mouth afterwards. When CULTURE sampled the ReUp Sleepy Head, we felt refreshed and ready to tackle the day after it awarded us one of the best slumbers we’ve had in years. ReUp Sleepy Head is perfect as a better, more natural replacement for sleep aid prescription drugs that won’t be as kind to your body.

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