Report Reveals World Cities with the Highest Cannabis Consumption

For the 2018 Cannabis Price Index, the top 10 cities in cannabis consumption were selected among 120 world cities. New York City, New York topped the list, but the city was closely followed by Asian cities like Karachi, Pakistan and Cairo, Egypt.

The World Index tweeted the list of cities on Jan. 4. Researchers estimate that New Yorkers consume 77.44 metric tons of cannabis per year. Karachi, Pakistan trailed New York City, New York with an estimated 41.95 metric tons per year. New Delhi, India and Los Angeles, California followed shortly after that.

The top 10 cities with the highest amounts of consumption are below:

  1.      1. New York City
  2.      2. Karachi
  3.      3. New Delhi
  4.      4.  Los Angeles
  5.      5. Cairo
  6.      6. Mumbai
  7.      7. London
  8.      8.  Chicago
  9.      9. Moscow
  10.      10. Toronto

The data report was generated by ABCD, a data-driven media campaign outlet, with the help of data from Israel-based cultivation company Seedo. “The initial study began by selecting 120 cities across the world,” the organization stated, “including locations where cannabis is currently legal, illegal and partially legal, and where marijuana consumption data is available. Then, they looked into the price of weed per gram in each city.”

Laws undoubted played a role in the rates of consumption. Singapore, for instance, ranks number one among the world cities with the lowest cannabis consumption. Coincidentally, Singapore is home to the strictest drug laws on the planet, and the country still imposes corporal or capital punishment on offenders. If you’re traveling to a country in Southeast Asia, or anywhere else you’re not familiar with, you should check out local cannabis laws. Your freedom may depend on it.

The report also identified several other data sets. Quito, Ecuador, for instance, is home to the cheapest cannabis in the world—selling for an average of about $1 per gram. East Asia is home to the most expensive cannabis in the world with the average gram in Tokyo, Japan selling for over $32. The findings shed light on world cannabis trends that are evident beyond the United States and Canada.


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