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Rainbow Sherbet by House of Cultivar



Why get your sweetheart flowers and candy this Valentine’s Day when you can get them both in one beautiful package? This Rainbow Sherbet from House of Cultivar delivers a fragrant, gorgeous flower that will satisfy even the sweetest-leaning palate. Notes of sweet berry goodness waft out of the pretty silver package as soon as you pop it open. The flower itself is a sight to behold. Compact, dense buds are so completely covered in crystals; it’s difficult to discern the color of the sugar leaf, though green is the main color coming through the piles of crystal. The CULTURE team used a water pipe and vaporizer to sample this lovely flower. The flavor was similar to the scent, but had a subtle peppermint finish helping to round out the sweetness and made for an utterly kissable mouth. This strain is an evenly balanced hybrid. The effect reflects this balance, with a blissful quality that provides an energizing buzz, in addition to some powerful relaxation. Testing at 24.1 percent THC, this flower would be the perfect way to start or end a romantic date, help relieve pain/anxiety, but still be able to function, or give you the motivation you need to finish up a creative project.

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