Quality Over Quantity Holy Grail Nug Run Rosin

Available at Left Coast Collective locations throughout San Diego.

The name says it all. The quality of this Holy Grail Nug Run Rosin by Quality Over Quantity sits above top shelf. Its appearance is shiny and golden with near perfect clarity and a sap like consistency and terpenes that jump off the paper with an intoxicating aroma of concentrated Pine-Sol. The flavor is straight OG, with pungent earthiness and the slightest bit of fuel. When hit as a low temperature dab, it coats the palate with a taste that is just as strong as the aroma. The clean, solventless hit amplifies the outstanding flavor and provides an instant full body physical effect, as well as an uplifting cerebral experience. Left Coast Collective is where you will find the Holy Grail of cannabis extracts.

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