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Q1 2018 By The Numbers





The number of medical professionals throughout the United States who are partnering with Skipta, a medical practitioner social networking site, to promote education about medical cannabis: 800,000 (Source: The Fresh Toast)


The estimated amount of money, in billions of Canadian dollars, that Canadians purchased in cannabis products in 2015: 6 (Source: BBC)

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the Nevada recreational cannabis market collected in cannabis products in October 2017: 37.9 (Source: Forbes)


The increase in percentage of depository institutions that are currently providing banking services to cannabis-related businesses, since the beginning of 2017: 18 (Source: Forbes)


The estimated number of people who have submitted applications for medical cannabis therapy in Germany since March 2017: 10,000 (Source: Zeit Online)


The percentage of adults in the United States who believe that cannabis should be made legal, as of Jan. 5: 61 (Source: TIME)


The number of permits that the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority will issue to cannabis business applicants once cannabis sales begin in Canada: 60 (Source: CBC)



The number of countries that will allow for the export of medical cannabis products, after the addition of Australia, which is expected to happen in February 2018: 4 (Source: VOA News)


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