Purple Primus OG Solventless Hash Oil


Available at Lightshade in Denver.

In an era where teen pop stars claim to be “All About That Bass,” Les Claypool definitely doesn’t get the credit he deserves as one of the best bassists of all time. Consider this Purple Primus OG from Lightshade a fitting tribute, as it definitely knows how to get down. Thanks to crazy advances in rosin tech, this hard-hitting concentrate is made without the need of solvents that can be tough to purge, leaving a perfectly blonde square we couldn’t wait to break up. We also loved all of the terpenes preserved, with the sugary sweetness of Twisted Purple OG outshining the Primus OG as we tasted our first dab. More body than head in the initial effect, you can almost feel a wave of sound move through your body as muscles relax and loosen up. Rock on, Purple Primus OG!

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