Pueblo, Colorado College to Offer Bachelor’s of Science in Cannabis

Starting this fall, Colorado State University-Pueblo (CSU) will be offering a Bachelor’s of Science degree program in Cannabis Biology and Chemistry.

According to CNN, this was announced by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, which claims that it is one of the first such programs in the country. “The new major is a proactive response to a rapidly changing national scene regarding the cannabis plant,” claims the proposal for the program by CSU-Pueblo officials.

The program will be under the umbrella of the chemistry department and will mostly be made up of chemistry and biology coursework, including classes in physics and math. Students will either be able to choose a natural products track for biology or an analytical track for chemistry.

According to the school, this will help students be successful in a “wide variety of businesses outside of the cannabis industry,” including agriculture, food science, biochemistry and environmental sciences. “Educating students who are capable of understanding cannabis science is required for the industry in all its aspects to be effective and safe for the consumer,” it said.

The college anticipates a strong demand for the program according to the proposal and projects that up to 60 students could be enrolled four years from now. It also hopes to be the first of several such degrees in Colorado by that time.

Northern Michigan University has a similar bachelor program in medicinal plant chemistry, and this seems to be a continuously increasing trend.

Colorado is often at the forefront of radical cannabis change. Banks in Colorado will soon be able to work with Colorado businesses to help them manage their expenses, and the state also supports employees who consume cannabis with labor laws. It’s no surprise that Colorado will soon also be offering cannabis programs in school.

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