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Premium Jack NUG Needle




The “dablicator” has been cementing itself as a reliable way to package extracts and NUG has created a version of their own dubbed the “NUG Needle.” This method of packaging really allows for versatility when consuming concentrates, as consumers can squeeze out a small amount on a dab tool, apply on top of a bowl, line a blunt or joint or even add to any food to make it medicated. Additionally, the reinforced design and silicone cap of the NUG Needle allows it to be transported without worry of spilling. The Premium Jack strain is NUG’s own take on the famed Jack Herer strain and with a THC count of nearly 80 percent it is easy to see how it earned the “premium” moniker. The sweet, woody flavor is timeless and its euphoric effects are loved by nearly everybody. As a winner of the 2012 High Times Best Sativa category, this strain has historically held its own against the best and will continue to do so as time goes on.

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