Premium Jack Crumble


Available wherever Zlixir products are carried.

Take your flower bowls up a notch with this delicious topper of Premium Jack Crumble from Zlixir, available in the Bay Area. The extract starts with indoor premium Jack Herer—the Netherlands’ unbeatable 80/20 sativa hybrid made of Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze. Next, Zlixir performs a closed-loop butane extraction, purging the concentrate to safe levels while retaining the full mix of Jack’s must-have terps. All Zlixir is tested at CW Analytical in Oakland. This is a gorgeous, golden, dry, consistent crumble extract with extremely high terpene counts and a very high 70 percent-plus potency, while still being very affordable. It’s super-easy to add to a bowl or a joint where it delivers all of Jack’s flavor and potency in a more distilled form. Patients use high-THC concentrates of sativas for daytime management of depression, appetite, migraine, nausea and various types of chronic nerve pain.

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