Premium Jack


Available at Revolution Health Center in San Jose.

There are a couple strains that should be the cornerstones of any decent medical cannabis collection—and among them is the multiple award-winning, versatile sativa hybrid, Jack Herer. Named for a famed cannabis activist and author, crafted in the hotbed of breeding in Amsterdam in the ‘90s, Jack Herer brought together the best of the era: Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5 and Haze. RHC’s Premium Jack rivals any of the Cup-winning cuts—in fact, it was the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner for Best Sativa—with a perfect, candy-sweet aroma and Jack’s classic, lime-green coloring, blood orange pistils and fields of microscopic trichomes that take you back the first encounter with good Jack. Our sample was the perfect dryness, with a peak cure and good hand-trim. It ground up super sugary-sweet with that consistent, sativa Jack Herer taste and effect—great for daytime management of dozens of conditions.

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