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Postmates Reveals Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller’s Munchies Menu




Presented by Postmates, a recent edition of The Receipt and a Nov. 12 blog post reveal the eating habits of Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller—particularly when they get a case of the munchies.

On Rogen’s birthday on April 15, days before 420, the lovable actor ordered $157.61 worth of Izaka-Ya by Katsu-Ya, which included 6 baked crab hand rolls, two Spicy yellowtail roll, Baked Eel and Shrimp Tempura Cut Roll, California roll, Garlic Toro w/ Crispy Spinach, Yellowtail w/ Jalapeno, Seared Albacore & Truffle Roll, Spicy Tuna w/ Crispy Rice and Seared Scallop & Sauteed Spinachlauren.

“Everyday is 4/20 in our house, so pick a day, pick a meal, and there you go!” Miller said regarding the power couples’ order history. Miller and Rogen shared the same Postmates account since 2014, ordering over 227 orders in nine cities. That amounts to $21,320 spent on orders to go.

Dinnertime is one of the couples’ best bonding experiences, they said. “Eating is one of our favorite things to do together, so we’re pretty 50/50 about it most of the time,” Miller continued. “We start the process of talking about in the late afternoon, and by the time we’re ready to order, we’ve usually collaborated on whatever it is we’re having that night.” 

According to Postmates, Rogen ordered tons of buffalo wings while filming his upcoming release, In a Pickle. The couple isn’t too hung up on a healthy diet, but generally eat foods that are healthy. “Fortunately, we’re pretty much on the same page,” Miller admitted. “Truthfully, these days we’re pretty healthy except for a few cheat meals a week. Those are usually some kind of buffalo or Korean fried chicken wing, yummy Italian, dumplings—something real splurgy. Our only real culinary difference is that he can handle much more heat than I can.” 

Meanwhile, the couple also runs a national nonprofit, Hilarity For Charity (HFC). Since 2012, HFC has raised over $11 million towards Alzheimer’s research. (That endeavor was also among CULTURE’s most popular topics for online stories.)