Police in Northern Ireland to Issue Scratch and Sniff Cannabis Cards

Apparently, police in Northern Ireland are not only nervous about cannabis consumption, they are worried that parents and residents won’t be able to detect cannabis by smell. To remedy this, they are offering cannabis scratch and sniff cards.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, cards will be given out by Northern Ireland police, known as the PSNI, to parents, guardians and community members in order to increase awareness about cannabis. They will also be holding drug awareness meetings during the next few months.

“If you don’t know what cannabis smells like (many people genuinely don’t) then let us know at Omagh Neighborhood, as we are awaiting a consignment of cannabis ‘scratch and sniff’ cards and will be offering to hold drug awareness meetings for parents, guardians and community groups over the next few months,” the PSNI’s Facebook page stated.

This may seem like a joke, but this isn’t the first time an idea like this has been proposed. In 2014, the U.K. had a similar approach to creating awareness.  “The campaign explains the telltale signs that a cannabis farm exists and how people can ensure the information they have gets to the police in confidence” said Chief Superintendent Bill Jephson in an interview with The Telegraph in 2014. The idea behind this to encourage residents to “sniff out” and inform the police about any cannabis farms in their areas.

As of March 23, PSNI Omagh has already received its first shipment of scratch and sniff cards, which it plans to take to educational events for schools or local communities. “The ‘scratch and sniff’ cards have arrived and we have already received our first ‘booking,’” the Facebook page announced. “If you are involved in a school or community group and would be interested in learning more about the dangers of drugs and how to identify them then please let us know.”

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