Pluto OG

Available at Weed Care in Riverside.

Pluto OG, which bears the last planet’s planetary strain name, is as amazing as the pictures from the New Horizons probe’s three-billion mile encounter with the dwarf planet Pluto—maybe not quite that amazing, but amazing just the same. With a powered brown sugar consistency and a color equally matching, the wax is eye-catching. The texture of the crumble allows it to be used with a traditional dab instrument or it can be lightly sprinkled on top of a nug to give it a galactic boost when smoked. This is a surprisingly potent crumble—inhalation can first be felt in your nose as it expands rapidly from your head down to your lungs and body. This is truly a comfortable effect—it’s calming with no paranoia, complete with a mild-to-moderate level of euphoria. Like Pluto the dwarf-planet, Pluto OG is pretty amazing.

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