Pinnacle Peak – Colorado Company Highlight Consumers are finding the Silverpeak experience to stand out above the rest

Cannabis products can be a dime a dozen in mature recreational cannabis markets, which leaves many companies struggling to stand out from the competition. At Silverpeak, the company differentiates itself by creating exceptional product that isn’t just about the end result—Silverpeak and its consumers also appreciate every detail that goes into the process of creating the product, in addition to the end product itself.

“We want to play a major part in changing the conversation around cannabis by highlighting the positive and beneficial lifestyle aspects of responsible cannabis consumption.”

CULTURE connected with the General Manager of Silverpeak Manufacturing, Chad Fox, to gain more insight into what makes the Silverpeak experience one that is in such high demand among Colorado consumers.

While the company currently finds much success in the present, it is the focus on the journey ahead that keeps Silverpeak ahead of the game. “We’re determined to forge the future of the cannabis industry. To that end, we hold ourselves to uncompromising standards,” Fox said. “From our grow operation, through every product we create, to the retail interaction. It’s easy to promise, but daunting to truly fulfill. Our goal is to deliver an unparalleled experience in every single encounter with Silverpeak products.”

One way that Silverpeak is forging the future of the industry is by serving as an example of innovation. Consumers can find that the in-store experience, as well as Silverpeak’s cultivation facility, are ahead of their time, featuring state-of-the-art processes, equipment and technology. And although Silverpeak is already “walking the talk,” the company remains dedicated to pushing forward and continually breaking new ground. “Our focus has always been on building the future of the industry,” Fox added.

This mission to create top-quality product has been with Silverpeak since the beginning. In 2009, Silverpeak Founder Jordan Lewis moved his family to Colorado to pursue his ambitious dream to make a sophisticated impact on the medical cannabis industry. “Our founder, Jordan Lewis, is resolutely driven to grow cannabis and create distinctive products with refined subtleties typically reserved for much more mature industries,” Fox shared.

Silverpeak holds true to its founder’s intentions to this day, with consumers often comparing its products to those from other craft industries. The team at Silverpeak believes this is because of the passion, consistency and uncompromising attention to detail that goes into the creation of their products. “Many often compare our methods and practices to that of a boutique winery, and we ensure our products, from solvent-free concentrates and specialty joints to our new Pure Oil PAX™ Era Pods, exhibit similar bountiful yet nuanced characteristics with absolute consistency,” Fox said.

Like all companies, Fox admitted that Silverpeak does face a big challenge. “Our enduring challenge is the misconception of cannabis as an illicit drug and the cultural baggage that accompanies it,” Fox shared. “It is our mission to change that perception by maximizing every opportunity for customer education and service, and by presenting a level of excellence customary only in select brands.” Fox continued by sharing that although this is a challenge for Silverpeak, the company’s approach to educating the community, in addition to its level of sophistication, ultimately serve as advantages.

“We want to play a major part in changing the conversation around cannabis by highlighting the positive and beneficial lifestyle aspects of responsible cannabis consumption,” Fox added. “We’re determined to stand out with a readily accessible yet refined brand that signals a new day for cannabis.”

Silverpeak will continue on an upward trajectory of delivering customers an experience that cannot be duplicated by differentiating itself with a dedication to professionalism, transparency, honesty, camaraderie and authenticity. This is not only a commitment backed by the company, but this commitment makes up the personal traits and lifestyle of every team member as well.

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