Pineapple Jesus Cartridge Available wherever: Beezle Extracts products are carried.

The team over at Beezle Extracts originally made a name for themselves producing top quality live resin concentrates in California. More recently, they have been applying their hash-making skills toward cranking out cartridges that even the most devout dabbers aren’t turning their noses up at. The newest of these cartridges is a collaboration with Atrium on the recently released Pineapple Jesus pen. This terpene rich cartridge is filled with a combination of potent distillate and flavorful live resin sauce. The sauce, in this case, is a pineapple phenotype of the revered Jesus OG strain, giving way to favorable cerebral effects and unrivaled flavor. For those of you who are concerned about pesticides making their way onto dispensary shelves, also take note that the material used to produce Beezle’s distillate and concentrates is grown organically and prescreened for pesticides. If you’re a concentrate buff who hasn’t tried a cartridge before, scoop up one of the Pineapple Jesus cartridges by Beezle Extracts and enjoy yourself some mobile dabbing, minus the rig.

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