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Piers Morgan Lights Up on Podcast




Journalist and Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, 54, succumbed to peer pressure and smoked cannabis during a recent appearance on Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxin’ podcast. During the 90-minute segment, with Morgan as a guest, Tyson challenged the broadcaster to take a hit of a joint.

“What am I supposed to do with this, Mike?” Morgan asked, after being passed a joint and a lighter.

“Smoke it!” Tyson replied enthusiastically.

“When in Rome, right?” Morgan said as he obliged and lit the joint.

Tyson has been trying to get the actor to try cannabis since they met. Morgan explained his first visit with Tyson that took place about a month ago to The Daily Mail on May 5. “I found him sitting on a sofa in his offices near Manhattan Beach, smoking a massive spliff,” he said. “As our chat wound up, I picked up one of the remaining spliffs on the table, looked at Tyson and said: ‘When in Rome, Champ… got a light?’ He exploded with laughter as he passed me a lighter and carried on roaring as I lit up the joint and took a long—legal—puff.”

Tyson launched numerous cannabis-centric ventures in California, including Tyson Ranch—a 40-acre resort located in the Mojave Desert that will feature an amphitheater, an extraction facility, a supply store, an edibles factory and designated areas for “glamping.” There are several other projects in the works.

After the podcast episode, Morgan said that Tyson gave him a bag of cannabis goodies to take home. Judging by Morgan’s open attitude about cannabis, we can only hope he will join the ranks of celebrities that endorse cannabis use.

While recreational cannabis consumption isn’t legal in the U.K., both recreational and medical cannabis use are legal in California where Tyson’s podcast is recorded.