Pat’s Tincture Available wherever: The Pat Pen products are carried.

We think that CBD supplements are great addition to any wellness plan. Thanks to their lack of mind-altering effects, it’s beneficial way to start the day. From The Pat Pen comes Pat’s Tincture, which is a 60:1 CBD to THC ratio that comes in a 30ml bottle. The liquid is almost clear with a slight golden hue. It has a mild and pleasant French vanilla flavor and also comes in lemon or cherry. Our team likes to take tinctures sublingually but this product is also a great addition to any beverage, such as coffee or tea. Pat’s Tincture is made from CO2 and ethanol extracted CBD oil, non-GMO coconut oil (MCT oil) and food grade natural flavors. After taking one dose, we did not feel high, but we did feel rejuvenated in our bodies and less anxious. Each dropperful contains 20mg of CBD and 0.33mg of THC. We will definitely be keeping Pat’s Tincture in our medicine cabinet for daily use.

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