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Cannabis culture has grown exponentially since the 1960s and 1970s when it rose in popularity in the United States. Back then, T-shirt design trends embraced by those in the cannabis community were simple—tie-dye and peace symbols were abundant. The aesthetic of consumers has since evolved to include more psychedelic screen-printed designs, clever slogans and creative imagery.

In Colorado, cannabis is everywhere, including clothing—and that’s where INDYINK comes in to play. This screen printing and embroidery company, which has been open since 2002, specializes in garment decoration and design for both small and large projects. CULTURE spoke with Dave Roggeman, owner of INDYINK, about the company’s success, and how cannabis has influenced the business.

INDYINK’s expertise lies in screen printing T-shirts, but is known for printing designs on numerous other products, such as hats, banners and hoodies. INDYINK also specializes in embroidery and glass printing as well. It has also done business with local Denver-based business such as Kaladi Coffee Roasters, Bacon Social House and local ice cream brand Sweet Action, to name a few. But cannabis and clothing go hand-in-hand too, and the rise in acceptance of cannabis has only been a boon for INDYINK’S growth.

The company grows parallel to the cannabis industry without having to deal with the pitfalls of say, owning and operating a cannabis business that touches the plant. “For us we have little to no challenges from the medical and recreational cannabis landscape,” Roggeman said. “It has done nothing but offer us more clients with a need to brand and market their products.”

INDYINK has a healthy relationship with those who do businesses with them. Roggeman told CULTURE that business owners in the cannabis industry especially experience success when selling merchandise created by INDYINK. “Merchandise does really well for our clients in the cannabis industry. Our clients have a 90 percent return rate and successfully sell their merchandise often re-printing orders to sell again.”

Like most companies that specialize in creative services, INDYINK aims to provide the best experience for its potential customers. For Roggeman, this means continuing to improve and evolve with the printing industry, and always remaining on the lookout for sustainable techniques and new products. It also means that INDYINK continues to give each client the necessary support and assistance to help make their ideal project come true. This includes discussing all product options and printing styles in a one-on-one meeting, as well as offering affordable pricing and guaranteeing that a project will be delivered on time.

Roggeman’s company has established many successful business relationships, and it hopes to continue that success. The company takes a lot of pride in its art, “We feel grateful for our wonderful clients and hope to continue our partnerships,” he concluded. “We hope to grow with our clients and look to add new relationships.”

Find INDYINK at:

1030 W Ellsworth Ave, Unit F, Denver

(303) 534-0699

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