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Letter from the Editor

Passion and Purpose




Following the long-awaited kick-off of summer, the cannabis community is looking forward to our second-most notorious holiday—710. July 10 is a day to embrace the ever-evolving offerings of cannabis concentrates, all of which you can explore—page by page—within CULTURE’s annual 710 issue.

While I join you in celebrating 710 by casually vaping on some Sour D, I think back to the reason why I first fell in love with this industry. It is not solely sativa that sparks my motivation and drives me forward.

Last month, I had the pleasure of listening to former Mexican President Vicente Fox’s speech at the NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit in Oakland, California. President Fox invited attendees to take a moment of silence to consider their intention for being a part of the burgeoning cannabis industry. “Make sure you have your purpose, and purpose as high and heroic [as] it can be, the more we are going to grow, the more the industry is going to grow, the more we’re going to be saving lives, the more we are going to be doing good to our communities,” he told a crowd of over 1,000 people.

The speech was inspiring. His focus on purpose was reminiscent of the advice my father gave me growing up—having a clear intention is the driving force to the actions you take. As I considered my current purpose as the Editor-in-Chief of CULTURE, I recognized that my reason for identifying as a cannabis advocate has matured greatly over the years. My initial pursuit into cannabis-centric journalism stemmed from my personal, and somewhat naïve, appreciation of cannabis. But as I became exposed to cannabis as medicine and the impact it has had on families across the world, my purpose became clear.

Back in 2011, I recall the first time I read about Jason David and his young son Jayden. I was astonished to read about Jason’s bravery as he administered medical cannabis oil to his four-year-old son. These treatments successfully stopped Jayden’s seizures after countless pharmaceutical medications failed.

Jayden’s life was forever changed—and from that moment, my intention for being a cannabis advocate was no longer motivated by my habitual reasons for consuming cannabis. I was working up my ranks with CULTURE at the time, however Jayden’s story made a massive impression—it revealed to me the tremendous healing potential of cannabis in the truest form. A passion for cannabis reform was ignited. Stories like Jayden’s needed to be heard, and I was motivated to make sure that happened.

My dedication continues to strengthen with every story, every journey and even the personal experiences I’ve witnessed within my own family and cannabis as medicine. We will continue to bring you these remarkable stories, like the one you will read in this issue about how cannabis has improved the quality of young Maddie Holt’s life. But as you know, there is much more to CULTURE than just patient stories. Our magazine will also continue to spark endless amounts of creativity and excitement in our everyday lives as cannasseurs.

With an unwavering commitment to relentless advocacy, passion and purpose, I look forward to continuing this journey with you.


Jamie Solis


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