Original New York City Diesel Available at: The Herbal Cure in Denver.

New York City is a city of opportunity—it’s the city that never sleeps, and it’s the city that gets noteworthy strains named in its honor. Much like the “Big Apple,” the Original New York City Diesel (ONYCD) strain from The Herbal Cure doesn’t disappoint. Just like New York City itself, this makes you feel both relaxed, comfortably at home and also ready to take on the world. As a 60/40 hybrid, we definitely felt the indica-dominant traits that affect the body, creating a warm blanket of calmness within. That being said, we weren’t unproductive after consuming ONYCD. Most individuals avoid smoking indicas during the daytime, but they also need a strain to relax and melt into the couch after a long day of work. The ONYCD is a cross between Chem ’91 and ’91 Skunk VA, which creates a great balance of both worlds. Subtle gas undertones of classic Diesel traits are reminiscent of days passed.

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